Minneapolis DWI Expungements Lawyer

Criminal expungement is the act of convincing a judge to seal a criminal record from public access. This means that no one can see the criminal offense in question, including prospective employers and landlords. Any time a person needs to have an offense removed after a reasonable amount of time of it being on their record, a judge may grant the request. The request is usually granted when the presence of the offense interferes with the ability to acquire a job or a place to live. A true hardship has to be present.

Background Checks


In Minnesota, any individual can search public record to do a background check on you. Employers are especially prone to do this because they want to know who is working for them. They look for both misdemeanors and especially felonies. However, such misdemeanor crimes as theft are hardly ever acceptable to employers, so an individual may wish to have the crime removed from their record so that they can acquire a job.

Landlords may also do background checks to see who they would be renting to. Landlords don’t like trouble on their property and, unfortunately, a few tenants have ruined it for the whole by being individuals with criminal records that have caused trouble for landlords. It is simply the trend. In addition, landlords can learn about a person’s character, their ability to pay, and to ensure no criminal activity could potentially occur on the property.

Can A DWI Be Expunged?


Those with a DWI offense on their record tend to have difficulty finding jobs and places to rent. Unfortunately, a Minneapolis DWI attorney cannot convince the judge to expunge a DWI. The reason is because the state of Minnesota has made it clear that severe crimes such as sex crimes, murder, and DWI can never be expunged.

The only time a DWI can be removed from a person’s record is if it is somehow proven later that the charge was bogus, which led to a conviction that should have never happened. This is rare, but it has happened. Faulty breath test results and other factors have come into play that has resulted in overturned convictions. If you feel that you have a reason for your conviction to be overturned, talking to a DWI lawyer Minneapolis residents have had great success with is the next step that needs to be taken toward bettering your future.

Contact A Minneapolis DWI Lawyer


While a DWI cannot be expunged due to the severity of the crime, there may be other options for you. The only way to know is to speak to your attorney, learn about your rights, discuss the initial factors in your DWI arrest, and take it from there. To get started, call the DWI Guys of Meaney & Patrin at 612-223-7409 to schedule your free consultation because it’s the only way to know if something can be done to make your future better.