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Drinking and driving is not the only reason why a person can be arrested for DWI. A person can also be arrested by DWI if they are under the influence of drugs. DWI stands for “Driving while Intoxicated,” which is defined as driving while under the influence of any controlled substance that may impair judgment.

When an individual’s judgment is impaired while driving, they will not be able to drive straight within their lane. These individuals frequently cross left of center or their tires meet the shoulder of the road. Most of the time the officer will not pull the driver over unless driving is erratic for more than just a few seconds and other times they will pull over immediately. Nevertheless, drugs and alcohol are not always the cause and you will need the help of your Minneapolis DWI Lawyer to prove your case.

Your Rights


Many innocent individuals are arrested for DWI based on driving performance or results from a field sobriety test that an officer interprets as indicative of alcohol or drug use. There are times when a blood or urine test will be performed that will prove innocence and other times the proper steps may not be taken in regards to the arrest and to testing.

You do have rights. You have rights to a fair process and your Minneapolis DWI attorney will need to be there with you to ensure that everything is carried out properly. If not, then this will be brought up in your defense. Sometimes, the first violation occurs the moment the driver is pulled over. Other times, the violation occurs when three sobriety tests have not been performed. Then there is the failure to read a person their rights. There are so many violations that can take place that will work in your favor.

A Strategic Defense


A lot of strategy must be used in a DWI case. Every aspect of the arrest process must be evaluated. Any video footage from an in-cruiser video camera must be reviewed in order to see what occurred during the stop and the arrest. If any actions are in question, then your attorney will bring this up to the court.

Even if you are guilty, it is important that you have an aggressive and competent defense by your side. There are many cases in Minnesota in which the charges have been significantly reduced. Through this reduction, the penalties were not as harsh and the sooner the defendants were able to get on with their lives. This can be done for you so that you can move forward and put the past behind you.

Contact A DWI Lawyer Minneapolis

If you have been arrested for DWI, there is help available to you. You have rights. If those rights are violated, then your arrest may be invalid. I innocent, your innocence can be proven. Even if you are guilty, it is very possible that your charges can be reduced or even dismissed based upon occurrences during the arrest process. To find out what can be done in your case, call the DWI Guys of Meaney & Patrin at 612-223-7409 and schedule your free consultation.