DataMaster DMT

The DataMaster DMT is Minnesota’s new breath test machine and it is being seen in more and more police departments as the replacement for the Intoxilyzer 5000 EN. The Intoxilyzer has been the subject of much controversy due to a lot of questioning regarding the source code that turns a breath sample into a printed result. The DataMaster is set to improve the quality of the result so that the courts do not have the problems they have had with the Intoxilyzer. Right now, there are thousands of DWI arrests that are hanging in the balance because of what are believed to be faulty breath test results and, through these questionable results, it is not unusual for a Minneapolis DWI lawyer to have the charges completely dismissed in a DWI case.

DataMaster Vs. Intoxilyzer

Whether or not the DataMaster truly rectifies the issues seen by the Intoxilyzer, we may not know for a while. However, there are approximately 4,000 cases on hold in Minnesota because of the Intoxilyzer source code issue. This has kept busy every DWI lawyer Minneapolis residents have turned to in their cases. They are simply waiting on instructions on what to do next.

The District Court had initially deemed the Intoxilyzer results reliable, but the Supreme Court then issued a stay on that finding in 2011. However, the Intoxilyzer’s 264 units are being phased out by the DataMaster, which is believed to be a much more reliable machine.

How Does The DataMaster Work?

The DataMaster DMT uses infrared energy absorption to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The computer processor is very fast and has incredible storage capability so that a complaint entry can be made on-site. There is a windows-based touch screen and a keyboard, as well as a standalone laser printer.

Rather than all of the data having to be entered manually, there is a card reader to read driver’s license data off of the license’s magnetic strip. The device even has Internet capability. In other words, it is a very technologically advanced machine that is supposed to streamline the process of checking an individual’s BAC, if any alcohol is present in the blood, and speeding up the arrest process. Most of all, it is supposed to be more accurate.

Contact A Minneapolis DWI Attorney

It is important to keep in mind that the DataMaster DMT is a computerized instrument and computerized instruments have results that can always be challenged. If you find that you are charged with DWI based upon DataMaster DMT results, we can help you. We know how to challenge a breath test result and part of that is knowing everything about the machine that there is to know. To provide you with the legal services that you need to provide you with the best resolution possible, contact the DWI Guys at 612-223-7409 and schedule your free consultation.